Rediscovering Your Confidence After Divorce

Rediscovering Your Confidence After Divorce

Discover Your Confidence Again After Divorce

Divorce is an experience that no one wants to go through. We don’t enter marriage thinking it’s not going to last. And to come to the realization that divorce is the solution is to realize a sense of loss; after all, it’s like a “death” of your hopes and dreams. However, in certain circumstances, a permanent separation is the only solution, not simply for the couple, but also for their family.

The separation-and-divorce process can be a huge blow to your sense of self-esteem and your relationships with others―even if you were the party who initiated the separation! You may find yourself in a great deal of emotional pain from the experience that you begin to become reclusive. Other people may start acting out in a crazy, self-destructive manner after they’ve signed all the legal papers. They may feel as if they need to make up for the time “lost” in the marital relationship by partying harder than ever before.

Though a brief period of mourning or celebration is definitely appropriate, the next step should be to find ways to move forward and remember the characteristics that make you great. Focus on those qualities that made your now-ex fall for you in the first place, not necessarily what he or she thinks of you now.

If a divorce becomes the only possible reality for you and your spouse, know that our team has both the knowledge and experience to help you navigate the correct legal channels to make it happen seamlessly and with as little pain as possible―for all parties concerned: you, your spouse and your children.

In addition, our team is ready to assist you in the process of getting your “groove” back and reminding you that, although a divorce may be a complex process, it doesn’t need to permanently affect your core personality. You will come out of this experience successfully, and life will go on.

Since we deal with divorce on a regular basis, we speak from experience; as time passes, you’ll realize that successfully making it through the challenges of transitioning from one family unit into two separate households can be regarded as an accomplishment in itself. You may also find yourself more empathetic to friends and colleagues who may be going through a divorce, and they’ll appreciate your advice and support. As you enter into this new phase of your life, take this as an opportunity to look towards the future and not dwell in the past.

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Sonia M.
I did my own divorce last year by using a do-it-yourself divorce service. It was the biggest mistake I made. I thought I was saving money but in the end it cost a lot more: less custody of my child and no support. I contacted Ms. Sahnan and she fought for more time with my son and got my car back. Thank you!!

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