Social Media and Divorce Do Not Mix

Many of us have become accustomed to posting updates on social media websites when we do something as simple as go to a new restaurant, but going through a divorce is definitely not the time to make the details of your life public. Divorce can be emotionally challenging and while the support of close friends or family will help you recreate a new life, posting information regarding your legal battle, how your partner wronged you, or anything else related to your divorce may have severe repercussions when you return to the courtroom. Parents involved in a custody dispute will need to use an extra degree of caution, as postings illustrating any irresponsible behavior may be used against you and ultimately prevent or reduce access to your children.

Restrict or Eliminate Your Presence on Social Media Sites

  1. Some experts recommend completely deleting your profile from all social media sites until your divorce proceeding is complete; if you do choose to maintain a presence on one or more social sites, it will be important to abide by the following guidelines.
  2. Don’t share anything negative. Regardless of how angry you feel or how much you’d like to get your social media friends on board with snubbing your ex, resist the urge to post anything negative about him or her. Negativity can slow down your healing, force mutual friends to take sides and/or work against you in the courtroom.
  3. Keep the details of your legal proceeding offline. Opinions about the judge or attorneys involved with your case will always find their way back to your spouse’s legal representative. Remember, legal professionals are human and will not respond favorably to criticism, even if you feel it is justified.
  4. Keep your private life private. Whether it’s a well-meaning friend who tags you in a photo during a night on the town or you bragging about a sexy new fling, these types of private activities are not considered responsible and may work against you in a divorce proceeding. When children are involved, your every behavior may be scrutinized to determine who is the more suitable parent, so think before you post.
  5. Avoid the temptation to spy on your ex. When you are serious about moving on, resist the urge to check up on your ex online. Doing so is highly likely to stir up unpleasant emotions that interfere with your real intention—creating a new life.

Minimize the Drama of Divorce

Getting a divorce doesn’t have to have the added drama of online arguments or personal details which have been dragged into the courtroom. Instead of utilizing social media as an outlet, take advantage of the opportunity to get involved in a new activity that you love. Whether you choose to spend more time riding your bike in the park, get involved with a volunteer group or anything in between, you’ll be making a positive decision that promotes your long term wellbeing.


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