Best answer: Is dissolution the same as divorce?

How is dissolution different from divorce?

Divorce refers to enlisting the court’s help to end your marriage. A dissolution of marriage, on the other hand, is an agreement between you and your spouse on how to resolve questions such as child custody and property division, without a judge intervening.

Which is better divorce or dissolution?

Summary dissolution is the most cost-effective way to get divorced in California. There is less paperwork and only one filing fee. However, the couple must meet very specific requirements. Also, California requires a six-month waiting period to terminate any marriage, so summary dissolution does not expedite a divorce.

Is divorce called dissolution?

Dissolution is the formal, legal ending of a marriage by a court, commonly called a divorce. A dissolution of marriage completely ends your legal relationship as spouses and ends your marriage. Unlike an annulment, a dissolution does not “undo” the marriage as if it never existed.

What does dissolution mean legally?

In law, dissolution is any of several legal events that terminate a legal entity or agreement such as a marriage, adoption, corporation, or union. … Dissolution may also refer to the termination of a contract or other legal relationship; for example, a divorce is the dissolution of a marriage.

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Can you remarry after dissolution?

There is a minimum statutory six-month waiting period before you can remarry in the state of California. Be advised that nothing will automatically happen six months after you file for divorce. … This is where the court grants your divorce so you can remarry or file taxes as a single person.

How long before a marriage is dissolved?

It will usually take 5-7 months from the start of the process to obtain the decree absolute – all depending upon how busy your local court is. The issue of finances will need to be dealt with if any still exist between you and your spouse. Generally, on separation, the finances have already been dealt with.

What is marital dissolution?

Dissolution of marriage is the legal process that terminates a marriage. … Dissolution of marriage can be thought of as being similar to no-fault divorce – meaning that when a couple files for a dissolution, neither of them are required to show any evidence of wrongdoing.

Is dissolution of marriage a lawsuit?

A dissolution is a joint legal proceeding by both spouses to terminate the marriage. Because it is not a lawsuit, it is handled by a domestic relations court. The husband and the wife file a joint petition for dissolution of the marriage. … The separation agreement is a legally binding contract.

Why would a marriage be dissolved?

You can annul a marriage for a number of reasons, such as: it was not consummated – you have not had sexual intercourse with the person you married since the wedding (does not apply for same sex couples) you did not properly consent to the marriage – for example you were forced into it.

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Is dissolution of marriage the same as divorce California?

What is the difference between a Divorce and Dissolution? A divorce in legal terms is now called a Dissolution of Marriage. … In the case of a domestic partnership, the dissolution also ends all legal bonds. In California, you are required to live in that state for at least 6 months before you can file for a divorce.