How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Reno Nevada?

How much is an uncontested divorce in Nevada?

Even an uncontested divorce with a lawyer can cost $1,500 to $3,000 by the time it is finalized. By comparison, the filing fees in Nevada, which range from $150 to $300, depending upon the county plus any fees paid to help prepare the divorce papers would be your only expenses if you filed yourself.

How long does it take to get an uncontested divorce in Nevada?

In general, an uncontested divorce (called a joint petition in Nevada) can be over within one-to-three weeks. But a contested divorce is rarely over in less than three months. And if the assets are particularly complex, it can take significantly longer. In any case, Nevada has a six (6) week residency requirement.

Can you get a quick divorce in Reno?

The fastest way for a married couple to split in Nevada is for both spouses to file a joint petition for divorce in Nevada. Another term for this is an “uncontested divorce” or “two-signature divorce.” If everything goes smoothly, the Nevada divorce may be granted in as little as 10 days.

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How much does a divorce cost if both parties agree?

If both parties agree on all major issues, known as an uncontested divorce, you can keep the costs relatively low. If you do your own divorce papers and your divorce is amicable, costs could be under $500. Of course, there are filing fees in all states, which increase the cost.

How much is the filing fee for divorce in Nevada?

There are court filing fees and costs associated with filing your divorce forms. These change periodically. At the time of this writing, the total of the divorce filing fees plus the filing costs are $326 for a Joint Petition and $364 for a Complaint.

How do I file for an uncontested divorce in Nevada?

In Nevada, one type of uncontested divorce is known as a “summary divorce.” To get a summary divorce, you and your spouse will need to decide on how you’ll divide marital property, whether either spouse will pay alimony or child support, and who will become the primary caretaker of any children.

Can you get a quick divorce?

It Is Possible to Get a Quick Divorce

The divorce process does not have to take years or even months. … The easiest type of divorce, which takes the least amount of time, is called an uncontested divorce. This relatively fast divorce happens because all of the major issues have been agreed upon by you and your spouse.

How do I file for divorce in Reno NV?

Before you can file for divorce in Nevada, you or your spouse must have resided in the state for at least six weeks. You’ll also need to ensure that you file for divorce in the correct county court. You can file for divorce in the district court in the county where either spouse lives.

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Does Nevada have a cooling off period for divorce?

In most states, there is a ‘cooling off’ or ‘waiting period’ before a judge can legally sign the divorce decree. However, in Nevada, once the divorce papers are filed, there is no waiting period before a divorce may be granted. … According to Nevada law, all issues have to be resolved before the divorce can be final.

How much does a divorce cost in Reno?

Cost – $500 plus a court filing fee of $325; and service of papers to your spouse of about $100 for personal service (takes about 6 weeks), or if the party cannot be served, a due diligence search which costs $125 and publication of approximately $150 (takes about 12 weeks).

How do I file for divorce in Washoe County Nevada?

How to file for divorce in Washoe County | Step-by-Step

  1. Check out your eligibility. …
  2. Clarify where to file and obtain the forms. …
  3. Fill out the court forms. …
  4. File the forms with the court. …
  5. Serve your spouse. …
  6. Wait for the response. …
  7. What happens next depends on you. …
  8. Obtain a Decree of Divorce.