Who is Judge Faith on Divorce Court married to?

Is Judge Faith married to Juan?

Juan Bustamante was born as Juan Jose Bustamante. He is an actor, known for Divorce Court (1999), Judge Faith (2014) and SportsCenter (2004). He has been married to Silvia Bustamante since October 2010.

Is Judge Faith still married to Kenny Lattimore?

Singer Kenny Lattimore and his wife Faith Jenkins, star of the popular court TV show Judge Faith, prove that manifestation is real when it comes to love. … “After our first lunch date, I didn’t leave saying, ‘that’s my husband,’” Jenkins told ESSENCE.

Who is the new bailiff on divorce court?

The bailiff on the show, Juan Bustamante, wife is from El Paso. He and his wife were recently in El Paso. Bustamante is a police officer in Los Angeles and a veteran having served in Iraq. Here is a clip of the judge introducing him to the show.

Does Kenny Lattimore have a son?

Who did Faith Jenkins married?

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