Why did Amber divorce Matt?

Did Matt from married at first sight cheat?

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne’s marriage quickly fell apart on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Matt allegedly cheated on Amber early on in their relationship, and they finally got a divorce long after their season ended.

Is Iris still a virgin?

Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley were matched on season 9 of Married At First Sight. The couple experienced many issues, but what remained at the core of their troubles was Iris’ reluctance for intimacy. Iris was a virgin, but that wasn’t the issue.

Who cheated on married at first sight?

Katie Admits To Cheating On Derek

On the season 1o reunion, Derek revealed the couple was not going to stay married because Katie had cheated on him with her ex. Derek even claimed Katie had an affair the day after their honeymoon.

Did Matt and Amber finally get divorced?

Matt even sparked rumors that he had cheated on his new wife. Although Matt made some surface-level attempts to repair things with Amber, his poor treatment of her continued. The pair decided to get a divorce at the end of the eight-week experiment.

What is Matt from mafs doing now?

Matt seems to have a new job as a corporate actions analyst. He loves hanging out with friends. Many viewers agreed that Matt deserved to be on the worst MAFS husbands list. Matt joins other men like Luke from season 8, who gaslit and manipulated Kate for the duration of their marriage.

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What is Matt Gwynne doing now?

Matt also appears to have a new job. According to his Instagram, he’s a corporate actions analyst.

What does Keith Dewar do?

Dialysis biomedical technician ‍⚕️ Drone pilot ✈️ Married a stranger on TV @mafslifetime S8.