Why did Dorothy and Stan divorce?

Why did Dorothy not remarry Stan?

Life. Stan is Dorothy Zbornak’s ex-husband and was, according to Sophia Petrillo, a “yutz” which many characters (including his own mother) called him. … Dorothy claimed the only reason she went out with him is because he claimed he was being shipped off to Korea and “would probably die”.

Did Dorothy remarry Stan?

Dorothy also called Florida and Georgia home. At some point Dorothy moved to Miami with Stan when the couple was still married. Even after their divorce, Dorothy decided to stay in Miami until she meets Lucas Hollingsworth. In season 7, Dorothy married Lucas even though he lived at the Hollingsworth Manor in Georgia.

Who does Dorothy Zbornak marry?

After seven seasons on the air, Dorothy (Bea Arthur) was ready to move on from the series, so the producers decided the show should draw to an end. It may have been awhile since you saw the finale, but the series ended with Dorothy marrying Blanche’s uncle (played by Leslie Nielsen).

Why does Sophia always carry a purse?

It was apparently Getty’s idea for Sophia to always carry the signature handbag. She felt that older women are forced to give up so much that everything they keep ends up in their purse, the Los Angeles Times said in her 2008 obituary. Sophia wasn’t going to relinquish what little she had left.

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Do Dorothy and Stan end up together?

Dejected, she later accepted a date with Stanley “Stan” Zbornak (Herb Edelman) because she “felt she couldn’t do any better”. She became pregnant while still in high school, resulting in a shotgun wedding to Stan. The marriage produced two children: Kate Zbornak-Griffiths and Michael Zbornak.

Is Bea Arthur related to lynnie?

In fact, we had to double-check and make sure that Greene and Arthur weren’t related. If you like TVLine, you’ll LOVE our email news alerts! Click here to subscribe.

Did Dorothy marry Lucas?

Dorothy and Lucas marry in a beautiful church ceremony with her friends and family there to celebrate with her. Sophia ultimately decides to stay with Blanche and Rose, realizing Dorothy needs to be alone with her new husband and not have Sophia in their way.

Why was Dorothy not in the Golden Palace?

“Unfortunately, the things that were said about Dorothy were that she was big and ugly. And that wears on an actress after a while,” the author shared. … But he also added that aging was also part of the reason why the actress left The Golden Girls.