You asked: Who on Dallas Housewives is getting a divorce?

Did Leann get fired from Housewives of Dallas?

LeeAnne Locken

The Real Housewives of Dallas star announced her exit in February. “The last four years have been a trolley-slapping good time but after much consideration, I have made the personal decision to step away from RHOD,” she said in a statement.

Are Gregg and NeNe still married?

NeNe and Gregg were first married in 1997 but she filed for divorce from him in 2010. However, they reunited and remarried in 2013. He is survived by his six children — Daryl, Damian, Dexter, Denton, Katrina as well as his and NeNe’s son, Brentt.

What happened to Tiffany on The Real Housewives of Dallas?

Tiffany left her career as an actress and married her now-husband, musician Aaron Hendra. Since leaving the RHOD, Tiffany has moved away from the spotlight and embraced a new life coach career. “There’s something cool about this like woman power meets male dominance in the middle for future change of the planet.”

Did Brandi adopt Bruins siblings?

On Season 3, Brandi kept Bruin’s adoption within a close circle of friends before she revealed Bruin to a house full of party guests. Her road to officially adopting Bruin was long, as her parenting was scrutinized by the adoption agency.

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