Is quad and Greg divorce?

Is quad and Dr Gregory still married?

Quad Webb and Dr Gregory Lunceford

After getting married to Dr Gregory Lunceford in 2012, Quad divorced him six years later, in 2018. Their divorce was finalised in 2019. Quad is 41 years old and her ex husband is 53 years old.

Did quad and Greg get back together?

Quad announced that she and Dr. Gregory had decided to separate in 2018. They later finalized their divorce in 2019. … Heavenly confirmed during an interview with The Daily Dish in September 2019 that her husband, Dr.

Does quad have a boyfriend?

Quad ultimately confirmed that she had filed for divorce from Dr. Gregory in 2018, which was finalized by the time Season 7 of Married to Medicine premiered in 2019. So, now that Quad has been living that single life, she’s taking her time when it comes to settling down again.

Did Quad sleep with Lake’s husband?

But let me just say this: I have never been around that gentleman unless it was around the family, and I mean the family, meaning the sister and also my ex-best friend,” Quad clarified. “The truth of the matter is I had never had any dealings with him.”

Is Quad pregnant?

Quad Webb has some huge personal news to share. She recently welcomed a baby girl on April 8, The Daily Dish has confirmed. “It is exciting news, and there are so many moving pieces. My mom and I are extremely happy to welcome baby Ari to her new village,” Quad told The Daily Dish in a statement.

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Did quad and Greg have a baby?

Gregory wanted Quad to be a stay-at-home wife and mother. … My mom and I are extremely happy to welcome baby Ari to her new village,” Quad said to The Daily Dish.” She was born on April 8th, and since then we have been working to get her home to begin what will surely be a joyous, successful and opportunity filled life.”

Did quad on Married to Medicine have plastic surgery?

In 2010 she confirmed to having her nostrils taken in on the sides, has smaller breast implants installed, got a breast lift and liposuction around her waist. She later told Andy Cohen in a 2016 interview that she went back under the knife to have cartilage moved in her nose.