How do you answer divorce papers served on you in Texas?

How do you respond to being served divorce papers?

You have two choices when responding to the divorce papers:

  1. Answer only. An “Answer” tells the judge and your spouse what parts of the complaint you agree with and disagree with. …
  2. Answer with a Counterclaim.

What to do when you get served divorce papers in Texas?

If you have been served with divorce papers and want to have a say in your divorce, you must file (turn in) a Respondent’s Original Answer form with the court by the deadline. If you don’t, your spouse may finish the divorce without you. Get answer forms here: Instructions & Forms for Filing an Answer in a Divorce.

How long do you have to respond to divorce papers in Texas?

Once the Respondent has been served either by accepting service or using a process server, they have between 20 – 28 days to respond.

Do divorce papers have to be served in person?

The papers must be served by a “disinterested person.” This means someone who is not a party in the case, not interested in the outcome of the case, and who is at least 18 years old. Family members and significant others (boyfriends/girlfriends) cannot serve the documents.

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Why do divorce papers have to be served by someone else?

This lets your spouse know that papers have been filed at the courthouse to start the divorce process. It also lets them know what is being asked for and how much time they have to respond. For the divorce to actually proceed, the court will need proof that your spouse was served with the petition.

Who serves divorce papers in Texas?

As a general rule, only the initial divorce papers (citation, petition, and any other papers you file with the petition) need to be served by a constable, sheriff, private process server or the court clerk. You can serve the rest of the papers yourself.

How long can a spouse drag out a divorce in Texas?

After the judge signs your order, you must wait a total of 90 days from the date you filed the petition or from the date you served the petition before a judge is able to sign your divorce papers. And even then, your divorce may drag beyond the 90 days.

How long after divorce hearing is divorce final?

You must wait 90 days from the date the divorce was filed to finalize your divorce. The hearing to finalize the divorce cannot be held sooner than 60 days from the date the divorce was filed. The divorce is finalized 90 days after the judge signs the Final Judgment at the hearing.