Question: How much did Amazon Owner wife get in divorce?

How much did the owner of Amazon pay his wife in the divorce?

Amazon founder Bezos’ divorce final with $38 billion settlement: report. (Reuters) – Inc AMZN. O founder Jeff Bezos’ divorce from his wife of 25 years, MacKenzie Bezos, was finalized by a Seattle-area judge on Friday, paving the way for her to receive $38.3 billion worth of Amazon stock, Bloomberg reported.

How much is Amazon Owner ex wife worth?

Since her 2019 divorce from her ex-husband, multi-billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Ms Scott has become one of the most prolific philanthropists in the world. The divorce left her with $35.6 billion in Amazon stock and a personal net worth of almost $60 billion, making her one of the richest people on earth.

How much does Jeff Bezos wife have?

MacKenzie Scott (née Tuttle, formerly Bezos; April 7, 1970) is an American novelist and philanthropist. As of May 29, 2021, she has a net worth of US$57.0 billion, owing to a 4% stake in Amazon, after her divorce from her ex-husband Jeff Bezos.

How much did Jeff Bezos wife give away?

MacKenzie Scott, the billionaire philanthropist and ex-wife of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, announced Tuesday she has given away another $2.7 billion to hundreds of organizations tackling a variety of causes. Scott has been on a giving spree since last July and has committed to donating most of her fortune in her lifetime.

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How much did Amazon CEO pay his ex wife?

SEE ALSO: Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos have made their divorce official in a $38 billion settlement, making the author the third richest woman in the world. An icon in the shape of a lightning bolt.