Why did Veronica and Armando get divorced?

Who did Veronica Montelongo marry?

Who is Armando Montelongo married to now?

How much does an Armando Montelongo seminar cost?

Montelongo himself. His formula is simple: First, expose people to his system through a 90-minute free seminar. Then funnel them into a second (cost: $1,497 per couple) and, finally, a third: a three-day extravaganza like the one I attended that runs $40,000 for two.

What does Montelongo mean?

Montelongo Name Meaning

Galician: habitational name from places so named in Ourense and A Coruña in Galicia. Italian: habitational name from Montelongo in Campobasso province, so named from monte ‘mountain’ + longo ‘long’.

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